The Candle3 Team

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Job Listing

EMPLOYER:? ?Candle 3, LLC

POSITION TITLE:? ?Sales and Technician Positions

WORKING HOURS:? ?40 hours / week (minimum)

JOB LOCATION:? ?Candle 3, LLC – 4060 S Kalamath St,?Englewood, CO 80110


Candle 3, LLC is considered one of the fastest growing in the energy saving solution providers.? Our team is composed of experts in Clean Energy Technology.?? We offer energy saving solutions and renewable energy solutions for our clients. Our Director- Project Management will be responsible for providing expert advice to our clients, making recommendations for specific types of energy saving solutions, and overseeing the completion of projects.

HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume to Candle 3, LLC – 4060 S Kalamath St,?Englewood, CO 80110