Candle3 NetZERO

Good for the Environment, Great for Your Bottom Line

leed_logoThe team at Candle3 are experts in Clean Energy Technology. Candle3?s Energy Reduction NetZERO Program includes high performance LED and HVAC solutions, state of the art systems and IoT wireless software controls, industry-leading solar power generation technology, and demand reducing Energy Storage to help maximize energy reduction and replacement for your business.? Our experience, coupled with our close relationships with LED, Solar, Battery Storage and Software manufacturers the world over, ensures that your Clean Energy project will be accomplished with precision and professionalism.?In addition to our business energy management programs, Candle3 has a line of specialty products like vehicle charging stations, designed to improve customer and employee connectivity.

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies available, Candle3 brings Leadership in Clean Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), energy credits, tax benefits and incentives that equate to a fast ROI and years of reduced operating expenses! Candle3 will help you choose a plan that best fits your needs, using any or all of our products and expertise to boost your bottom line.