Project Financing

Candle3 offers several options to finance your clean energy project:

Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) :

  • This financial agreement uses a portion of the energy savings to pay for the project, and the customer receives the balance of the energy savings.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) :

  • Pay for the power produced on a KWH rate plan.

Energy Lease:

  • Pay a monthly lease payment. The payment is always lower than the amount of the energy savings.

Traditional Bank Financing

  • Candle3 works with several large banks that specialize in clean energy loans.
  • The term of the loan and amortization schedule is set up to cut costs within the project energy savings time line. Customers will be able to pay for the plan and receive the balance of the energy savings.

Customer Funds the Project:

  • Candle3 will work with your finance team to come up with a plan that meets your requirements.