Candle3 offers the best products for all your lighting needs with exceptional performance, a best-in-class?warranty, and unparalleled support and service!


Exceptional Lighting Products

Nothing beats LED technology and it just keeps getting better!

LED technology has surpassed all other lighting choices?for energy savings, color aesthetics, heat control, and longevity. Most existing light fixtures can be retrofitted with LED light sources. And now, through a total turn-key solution, you can realize meaningful savings that are generated from converting to LED.

Candle3 uses the industry’s best indoor and outdoor products offered by GE, Cree, ProLight?USA, and select others to meet all of your lighting needs.

The Best Pricing

Through our outstanding partnerships and price advantages, we go directly from the factory floor straight to your fixtures and pass on significant savings to you.

LED Color, Brightness, and Uses

Unlike other lighting alternatives, we can replicate your existing lighting in terms of color (Kelvin) and brightness (lumen output) OR provide you with a variety of options to create the desired ambiance, aesthetics or practical application that fit your lighting needs. Over 1 million colors can be provided by RGB-LED technology.


LED Technology Reduces Energy Consumption and Lasts Longer

LED represents the future of the lighting industry:

The three light bulbs shown below are comparable, except that the 6 watt LED bulb will give you the most light for the lowest possible cost and will last up to 50 times longer.

  • A 60 watt incandescent bulb lasts 1,000 hours (left)
  • A 15 watt fluorescent bulb lasts 5,000 hours (center)
  • A 6 watt LED bulb will last for a minimum of 50,000 hours (right)
  • logosLEDs use 90% less power than an incandescent bulb
  • They use 65% less energy than fluorescent lighting
  • LED bulbs run cooler and reduce AC costs
  • LED bulbs?last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and save save money on life-cycle replacement
  • No RF, infrared or UV radiation is emitted, thus reducing fading
  • A variety of directional controls are available, from spot lighting to flood lighting
  • Due to performance, fewer fixtures are usually needed to cover the same areas
  • LED bulbs do not require a ballast, thus eliminating any noise and annoying flicker
  • LED lighting that is on 24-hours per day has a life expectancy of 5.7 years

LED Technology Is Good for the Environment

leafLED bulbs contain no mercury, so there are no special disposal regulations.

Environmental studies have shown that up to 50% of the global carbon footprint has been created due to electricity, with 20% likely attributable directly to lighting. LEDs not only reduce operating costs, they use extremely low amounts of energy with no mercury, reducing the carbon footprint by 830 grams of carbon dioxide equivalents for every 1 kilowatt of energy saved.

Allow us to assist you with advancing or beginning a Green initiative at your facility.