Happy customers.

This is the smartest decision to make for any company that pays their own bills. The lighting is so much better and people notice. The best part is that at night, when you walk into the store, you can see the products perfectly and you don't have to squint. Our customers love it and they have a better comfort level in the store. Thank you, CANDLE3!

James M

CEO, Company Name

I changed out all the existing lighting. My bill is down 25%. My business is brighter and less expensive to operate. I was very impressed. The contractor did everything from the installation to completing the rebate application. In the beginning, it seemed hard to get anyone to follow through. Then I met someone who is in the system. I recommend that other businesses contact the contractors who do the work, who are working with CANDLE3 and who know how to complete the rebate paperwork.

Lloyd L

Job Role, Company

It was so worth it to invest the time to understand the whole process and the end result was so much more than I expected. The savings in power, the reduced stress on the HVAC system, the fact that I may never have to change a bulb again, the upgraded safety of a new and efficient emergency lighting and exit light system, and the overwhelming appreciation from the tenants makes this one of the best investments I have ever made in Commercial Real Estate.

Jason A

Job Role, Company

Originally, we just wanted a better lighting system for our warehouse. The warehouse high bay lights left dark areas and an inconsistency in light coverage. So, we investigated and discovered new brighter & energy saving lights. These lights are more than three times the lumens at 20% of the energy usage.

We saw a 30% decrease in energy bills -- this project has been saving us between $1,000 - $1,200/month in energy costs! The quality of the new lights is better than we had before--it is a cleaner light.

Stephen C

Job Role, Company